Snorkeling with Turtles in Hawaii

Hawaii, United States

Swim with graceful sea turtles in their natural habitat!

Welcome to Hilo, Hawaii, in the United States, a paradise for underwater enthusiasts!

Nestled on the Big Island’s lush eastern coast, Hilo offers an unparalleled aquatic adventure for those eager to explore the vibrant marine life and breathtaking underwater landscapes. From snorkeling in crystal-clear bays teeming with colorful fish and coral reefs to diving in mysterious underwater caves, Hilo’s underwater activities promise unforgettable experiences. For an extraordinary encounter, embark on a Snorkel with majestic Manta Rays or enjoy the thrill of Dolphin Watching as these playful creatures dance around your boat.

Whether you're a seasoned diver or a curious beginner, Hilo’s waters invite you to dive in and discover a world of wonder beneath the waves.


The Sea Turtles of Hilo

The sea turtles of Hilo, Hawaii, are a true marvel of the marine world. Known locally as honu, these graceful creatures are a cherished symbol of the Hawaiian Islands. Hilo's pristine waters provide an ideal habitat for these magnificent animals, offering snorkelers and divers a rare chance to observe them in their natural environment. A must for any animal lover!

The honu are most commonly seen grazing on the abundant sea grass and algae that thrive in Hilo's shallow coastal waters. Their gentle movements and serene presence make encountering them a truly magical experience. Green sea turtles, the most prevalent species in this area, can often be seen gliding effortlessly through the water, their large flippers propelling them with an elegant, slow grace.

These ancient mariners, which can live up to 80 years, play a crucial role in maintaining the health of marine ecosystems. Their grazing helps keep seagrass beds and coral reefs in balance, supporting a diverse range of marine life. Despite their serene demeanor, sea turtles face numerous threats, including habitat loss and pollution. Conservation efforts in Hilo aim to protect these incredible animals and ensure they continue to thrive for generations to come.


Snorkeling with Turtles Experience

Embark on an unforgettable snorkeling adventure in the pristine waters of Hilo, Hawaii, perfect for all skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned snorkeler or a complete beginner, this tour offers a unique chance to explore vibrant marine life and swim alongside graceful sea turtles.

Your journey begins with a warm welcome from an experienced tour guide, who will provide a comprehensive briefing to ensure you're comfortable with the snorkeling equipment. In shallow water, you'll receive hands-on instruction and practice until you feel confident and ready to venture into deeper waters.

Once you're ready, your guide will lead you to Hilo’s premier snorkeling spot. As you glide through the crystal-clear waters, marvel at the colorful coral reefs. Your guide will point out various marine species, including tropical fish, sea urchins, and the graceful sea turtles that call these waters home. This personalized tour ensures you won't miss any of the fascinating sea creatures that inhabit the area. For any animal lover, the chance to encounter the diverse marine life in Hilo's waters is an absolute must, providing a deep and meaningful connection to the fascinating creatures that inhabit our oceans.

Throughout your undersea adventure, your guide will capture the best moments on video, allowing you to relive the experience long after your trip is over. These video clips will be shared directly to your phone at the end of the tour, providing you with lasting memories and perfect material to share with friends and family.


The memories of swimming alongside sea turtles and exploring vibrant coral reefs will stay with you long after you leave the water. Dive into Hilo’s magical waters and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

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