Snorkel & Dolphin Experience with BBQ

Hawaii, United States

Discover Kona’s underwater paradise on this Eco-Friendly Experience.

Welcome to Hilo, Hawaii, in the United States, a paradise for underwater enthusiasts!

Nestled on the Big Island’s lush eastern coast, Hilo offers an unparalleled aquatic adventure for those eager to explore the vibrant marine life and breathtaking underwater landscapes. From snorkeling in crystal-clear bays teeming with colorful fish and coral reefs to diving in mysterious underwater caves, Hilo’s underwater activities promise unforgettable experiences. For an extraordinary encounter, embark on a Snorkel with majestic Manta Rays or enjoy the thrill of Snorkeling with Turtles as these playful creatures dance around your boat.

Whether you're a seasoned diver or a curious beginner, Hilo’s waters invite you to dive in and discover a world of wonder beneath the waves.


Snorkel in the protected marine sanctuaries of Red Hill

Hawaii is known for its numerous marine protected areas and conservation efforts, including marine sanctuaries and marine reserves.

Start by exploring the protected marine sanctuaries of Red Hill, with more than 600 species of marine life like sea turtles, coral and tropical fish that call the reefs of Kealakekua Bay home. For any animal lover, the chance to encounter the diverse marine life in Hilo's waters is an absolute must, providing a deep and meaningful connection to the fascinating creatures that inhabit our oceans.

Kealakekua Bay, located on the western coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, is indeed home to a significant marine sanctuary known as the Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park. This marine sanctuary is known for its diverse marine life, pristine waters, and historical significance.

The marine sanctuary of Kealakekua Bay is protected due to its ecological importance and historical significance as the location where Captain James Cook, the British explorer, first made contact with native Hawaiians in 1779. The bay and its surrounding waters are part of the Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park, which is managed by the State of Hawaii.

The marine sanctuary offers excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities, as it is teeming with vibrant coral reefs and a wide array of marine species. Visitors can observe colorful fish, sea turtles, and other fascinating marine life while exploring the bay's clear and calm waters.



In Hawaii, you can encounter several species of dolphins, including spinner dolphins, spotted dolphins, and bottlenose dolphins. Spinner dolphins are the most commonly encountered species and are known for their acrobatic spinning jumps.

There are several locations in Hawaii where you can swim with dolphins. The most popular spots include:

  • Big Island: The Kona Coast on the Big Island offers opportunities to encounter dolphins in the wild. Kealakekua Bay, in particular, is known for its resident spinner dolphin population.
  • Oahu: On Oahu, you can find dolphin encounters along the west coast, particularly in the areas of Makua and Makapuu. The west coast is home to spinner dolphins, and Makua is also known for the presence of bottlenose dolphins.
  • Maui: The waters around Maui offer chances to swim with dolphins, with the west coast being a common location. Lahaina and Ka'anapali are popular areas for dolphin encounters.

When swimming with dolphins, it's important to follow certain guidelines to protect both the dolphins and yourself.

  • Keep a safe distance from the dolphins and avoid touching or chasing them. Allow them to approach you if they choose.
  • Keep noise levels low and avoid making sudden movements that could startle or disrupt the dolphins.
  • When swimming in the dolphins' habitat, use reef-safe sunscreen to protect the marine environment.

Remember that dolphins are wild animals, and encounters are dependent on their presence and behavior. It's essential to approach them with respect, maintain a responsible distance, and prioritize their well-being and conservation.


Eco-Friendly Snorkeling Experience

You will start with an early-morning departure and cruise ten miles down the spectacular Kona coastline to reach your snorkeling destination for the day, a protected marine sanctuary. You can enjoy a light breakfast of tropical fruits, assorted pastries, bagels, juices, teas, and Kona coffee as you travel.

The boat’s main lower deck features a large shaded cabin with cushioned seating, tables, premium bar, three restrooms, and fresh water showers. 

Once you arrive at your snorkeling spot, get kitted out with your mask, fins, and snorkel and enjoy over two hours of water time to enjoy the marine life, underwater topography and coral reef. 

Note: If you're new to snorkeling, take advantage of a short introduction to snorkeling offered by the lifeguard-trained crew. 

Or, if you want to kick back and do nothing, check out the floating “relaxation station”, the crew will even swim your refreshments out to you at your station.

Make the most of complimentary snorkeling gear: Mask, fins, and snorkels are provided. Prescription masks are also available. You'll also have access to a host of flotation toys, including noodles, vests, inner tubes, and more. They even include the use of stand-up-paddleboards and an array of other flotation devices at no additional cost. 

A waterslide and high-dive platform also provide endless entertainment for the kids. This tour is suitable for kids of all ages!

While you're exploring, having fun, or just unwinding, the crew will be preparing lunch. 

Your Kona snorkeling cruise comes to an end with a return transfer back to the harbor in Kailua-Kona.


Jump in the water and enjoy this remarkable underwater experience in Hawaii !