Unique & Unusual Romantic Things to Do on Valentine's Day 2023

Whether you are looking for a weekend trip, or you're planning your dream trip around the world, we're sure you will find some interesting ideas.
Unique & Unusual Romantic Things to Do on Valentine's Day 2023
  • 1 Feb 2023 08:00
  • Nora Flynn

Unique & Unusual Romantic Things to Do on Valentine's Day 2023

The definition of romance, and what being romantic means, is not always about roses, chocolates and a candle light dinner with wine. What could be considered romantic by many people, it may mean nothing at all to others.

What about those of us who think of romance in a different way? Perhaps the best Valentine's Day gift is to spend time with the one you love, sharing a unique experience together.

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway with a difference, or a unique experience that’s exciting for you and your loved one on Valentine's Day, we're sure you will find some inspiring ideas here!

Get ready to fall in love with these unique Valentine's Day ideas!

1. Romantic Hot Air Balloon Flight

Enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views with your beloved one in a romantic hot air balloon flight.

Experience soulful moments with a private balloon ride, a unique day trip ideal for Valentine’s Day.

Find and book the most popular Hot Air Balloon Flight here.

2. Romantic Treehouse Getaways

Want a unique romantic getaway in the forest? Imagine sleeping in the branches of a tree!

Treehouses offer a truly unique and unforgettable experience.The perfect romantic getaway!

In our directory, you will find some of the most amazing Treehouses to spend the night around the world. A romantic glamping experience!

Or maybe you are looking for a unique dining experience. Sit back, relax and enjoy the views from one of these Treehouses.

You can also find some interesting Multi-Day trips with overnight in a Treehouse here.

3. Romance under the Northern Lights

There is nothing more romantic than watching the Northern Lights with the one you love!

Experience one of the world's most amazing natural phenomena. The best places to see the Northern Lights (or Aurora Borealis) are the Nordic countries of Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland, which lie within or near the Arctic Circle.

To witness this magical moment you need to go somewhere dark, with no light pollution, clear skies and no precipitation, which is not always easy!

Find and book the most popular Northern Lights Experiences here.

4. Valentine's Day at a Castle

Castles are romantic, historical, and one of the most incredible travel experiences.

For travel and history enthusiasts, we can find beautiful and magical castles all around the world, but particularly in Europe. Visiting these Castles is an unique experience that transports you back in time… totally worth a visit!

There are plenty of incredible castles where you can also spend the night or simply enjoy an authentic medieval dinner experience.

Find and book the most popular Castle Experiences here.

5. Beer Spa in Valentine's Day

Have you ever heard about the Beer Spa?

People have been bathing in oak hot tubs full of beer for centuries! Beer spas have been a part of Eastern European culture since 921, especially in the Czech Republic.

This ancient tradition provides the skin with a lot of nutrients, helps cleansing the pores, and regenerates skin and hair. It also offers a range of health benefits on your nervous system and blood circulation, it relieves stress and increases pulmonary circulation.

Relax with your loved one in a beer bath and drink beer…Enjoy this unique experience!

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