ZORB Inflatable Ball Rides

ZORB Inflatable Ball Rides

525 Ngongotaha Road, Fairy Springs, Rotorua 3015, New Zealand

Rolling down the hill inside a giant plastic ball (Zorb) is exhilarating, unexpected and completely kiwi.

If you only do one adventure while you visit Rotorua - this is it! Try this family-friendly activity!

Enjoy an iconic New Zealand adventure experience in Rotorua, the only location in New Zealand where you can take on this amazingly fun and bizarre activity.

Experience one or multiple wild and wacky downhill rides inside a specially designed giant inflatable ball.

Choose your ride style on the day: H2OGO (wet) or DryGO (dry):

On warm days, superman dive into the H2OGO on your own or with friends as you slip, slide and laugh your way down the slope. The specially designed ball means you remain will right-side up and not get dizzy.

On cold days, stay warm in the H2OGO with warm water used for the rides or opt to stay dry in the DRYGO. Hot spas will keep you toasty in between rides, an outdoor fire will pump serious warmth, and there will be heated changing rooms for afterwards. Delicious coffee made by baristas will also available on-site. 

Expect the unexpected - it’s beyond your imagination.


  • Kids Friendly: suitable for children aged 5 or over
  • One, two or three rides (select when booking)
  • Two ride style options: H2OGO (wet) or DRYGO (dry)
  • Includes access to on-site hot tubs and heated changing rooms

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