Rome Treasure Hunt

Lazio - Roma, Italy

A memorable and exciting way to engage with the city's history and landmarks while having fun with friends or family.

If you're looking for a unique and adventurous experience in Rome, where you can follow in the footsteps of emperors and gladiators at the Colosseum, you've come to the right place!

A Rome Treasure Hunt Experience can be an exciting and interactive way to explore the city's historical landmarks, solve puzzles, and uncover hidden gems. Make history fun with this Ancient Rome themed experience

Rome is filled with iconic landmarks, ancient ruins, and charming neighborhoods. Embarking on a treasure hunt in Rome can be an exciting and engaging way to explore the city's historical sites and hidden gems.

While the Colosseum is a well-known attraction, there are ways to enhance your experience and immerse yourself in the history of ancient Rome.


The Rome Treasure Hunt Experience

This is a kid friendly, small group tour in Rome, Italy. A Rome-themed treasure hunt with clues and riddles related to the city's history, art, and landmarks

Team up with friends, family or colleagues and discover the historic highlights of Ancient Rome with a local guide.

Play fun games suitable for the entire family to bring the story of the Roman Empire and some of its greatest monuments back to life. Seek out unique landmarks and uncover fascinating facts about Rome.

Skip the long lines to the magnificent amphitheater and hear fascinating stories about the entertainments that took place to delight the emperors and roaring crowds. 

Walk along the same roads as Roman citizens at the ruins of the Roman Forum. Marvel at the remains of the temples and ancient courthouses. See the Imperial Palace and the altar of Julius Caesar, along with the Arch of Constantine and Arch of Titus.

Take part in treasure hunts and other interactive activities, and see 3D reconstructions of the buildings to bring them back to life. It’s a teamwork challenge that’s both entertaining and educational!


This kid friendly experience, different to typical tours, is a fun and engaging way to see Rome. Enjoy the experience and embrace the wonders of the Eternal City!