Medieval Dining Experience in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Leave the modern world behind as you step into a candle-lit tavern, and kick off the evening with a mug of beer or glass of wine.

Spend an evening in an authentic medieval atmosphere in the heart of Prague, in Czech Republic

A medieval dining experience in Prague offers a unique opportunity to step back in time and immerse yourself in the ambiance of the Middle Ages. 

This unique dining experience takes place in a Medieval Experiences tavern designed to recreate the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Adorned with rustic decor, dim lighting, and traditional furnishings to transport you to a bygone era you will feel the rough yet romantic atmosphere of the Middle Ages from all corners of the tavern. 

Neither any of the details, nor any of the senses have been omitted. There will be plenty to look at, to listen to, but most importantly plenty to taste.

Note: This is a Kids Friendly experience !


Unique Dining Experience

Sit down to 3 or 5 generous courses of medieval food, as jugglers take the stage alongside belly dancers and swordsmen. Drink your fill from the unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks available.

The menu features dishes inspired by medieval recipes and ingredients. You can expect hearty and rustic fare, such as roasted meats, stews, game, bread, and seasonal vegetables.

Lose yourself in the music and fun, and meet vivid characters that range from a frightening executioner to an old fortuneteller with magical powers. You will enjoy your time watching swordsmen, jugglers, as well charming belly dancers, accompanied by contemporary music, wine and beer will flow and you will eat in the spirit of the times.

A medieval dining experience in Prague provides a memorable evening filled with historical charm, delicious food, lively entertainment, and a chance to step back in time to the medieval era. It's a perfect opportunity for history enthusiasts, those seeking a unique dining experience, or anyone looking to add Medieval Experiences to their visit to Prague.


Enjoy an evening of music, dance and performances, a truly different way to spend an evening in Prague!