London Dungeon

England, United Kingdom

A visit to the London Dungeon promises a mix of thrills and scares!

The London Dungeon is a popular tourist attraction designed to take you on a journey through the darker side of London's history, bringing to life infamous characters, gruesome events, and chilling tales.

The London Dungeon utilises special effects, lighting, sound, and even rides to enhance the eerie atmosphere and immerse you in the stories being told. From dark dungeons and torture chambers to plague-ridden streets and haunted tales, the attraction aims to provide an entertaining and spine-tingling experience.

Note: Due to the graphic nature of some of the content and the occasional jump scares, the London Dungeon is generally not recommended for very young children or those who may be sensitive to intense or frightening experiences.


Interactive Experience

Experience the dangerous streets and unsavoury characters from London's perilous past. Hear, touch, and smell 1000 years of dark history with funny, cutting-edge storytelling.

As you navigate through the different themed areas, you can expect encounters with live actors who portray historical figures in an interactive and theatrical manner. The performances are often designed to startle and engage visitors, creating an immersive and thrilling experience, to recreate various gruesome and macabre events from London's past.

Prepare to be entertained and even startled as you become part of the experience!


Historical Tales

The attraction focuses on key events and characters from London's past, including infamous criminals, serial killers, plague outbreaks, and other dark chapters.

You'll encounter figures like Jack the Ripper, Sweeney Todd and his infamous barber shop, and even experience the horrors of being sentenced for your crimes and sent to Newgate Prison Ride to Doom.

Overall, The London Dungeon offers a unique and thrilling way to immerse yourself in London's darker history, combining entertainment and education in an interactive and memorable experience.


The Dungeon Tavern

On the off chance you survive all of that, round off your journey with a visit to the Dungeon Tavern; hear the latest gossip and share a drink with the locals.

The London Dungeon Tavern is a themed bar and restaurant located within the London Dungeon attraction. It offers visitors a chance to relax and enjoy refreshments in an immersive and historical setting.

The tavern is designed to replicate an old-fashioned pub from London's past, creating an atmosphere that complements the overall theme of the London Dungeon.

It features rustic decor, period furnishings, and an ambiance that transports guests back in time.


Through the engaging storytelling and interactive elements, you'll learn interesting facts and gain insight into the city's past.