Långholmen Prison Hotel

Stockholm, Sweden

Thinking of a Prison Experience as your next vacation in Sweden? Check this unique accommodation in an old prison - stay in the old cells!

This is for sure a unique experience that you need to try out on your next holiday! Highly recommend for those looking for a totally different holiday experience.

Långholmen’s Hotel and Youth Hostel is housed in a 19th century prison building on Långholmen Island in Stockholm, full of rich history marked by the old prison which was closed down in 1975.

Långholmen is a famous island in central Stockholm. In 1649, the wealthy brewer Jochum Ahlstedt rented parts of the island and began cultivating them. He built a majestic residence, Alstavik. The residence was acquired by the State in 1724 and converted into a spinning house, i.e. a penal institution for women. The prison operations were expanded afterwards and came to dominate the island for 250 years. 

For a while, the prison buildings were falling into decay and quite a lot had to be demolished later. In 1989 opened Långholmen’s Hotel and Youth Hostel with inn and conference space. A new era starts and now everyone can enjoy the beautiful island with its captivating history.

The renovated cells offer all the amenities you could think of and last but not least… a captivating charm. Unique prison cell rooms with flat-screen cable TVs, parquet floors, laptop safe and a work desk.

An attractive atrium gallery dating from 1866 is situated in the middle of the complex. Stockholm's most captivating prison museum is open daily, and guided tours are given at weekends. Långholmen’s Hotel and Youth Hostel is located in central Stockholm, situated on a green and quiet island close to public transport. 

Captivating accommodation close to Nature, yet in the Heart of Stockholm!