Salem: Ghosts, Witches, & Warlocks

Massachusetts, United States

Learn about the mysterious history of Salem on this guided walking tour of the city.

Haunt and history guided night tours offer a captivating exploration of the haunted and historical sites in Salem, Massachusetts (USA).

Discover the most haunted historic sites in Downtown Salem which have made the Salem Witchcraft Hysteria infamous. Hear ghost stories that make Salem one of the most haunted cities in America on this fun and thrilling guided walking tour. 

This Salem: Ghosts, Witches, & Warlocks Guided Walking Tour takes you to various locations in Salem known for their haunted history and paranormal activity. You'll visit places such the Salem Old Town Hall, the Old Burying Point Cemetery, the Witch House, and other notable spots with eerie stories and legends associated with them.

This tour is family friendly and suitable for all ages! 

The tour guides are well-versed in Salem's history and folklore. They are skilled storytellers, ensuring an engaging and entertaining experience as they bring the haunted tales and historical narratives to life.


Salem: Ghosts, Witches, & Warlocks Guided Walking Tour

Although every tour is slightly different, each tour visits about 8-12 locations. The tour takes place at night, which adds an extra layer of atmosphere and enhances the spooky ambiance of the tour. The dimly lit streets and historic buildings contribute to the eerie feeling as you explore the haunted sites under the cover of darkness.

Your tour will start at the the historical Salem Old Town Hall where you’ll meet your guide and venture through different sites around the city, each one spookier than the last!

Continue down the eerie streets to explore the Old Burying Point Cemetery, a preserved burial ground that was established in 1637 where some prominent pilgrims and town officials were buried. This haunted tour takes you to different sites and reveals their true stories so that you can feel connected to the history that took place there.

Experiencing these stories while at the sites where they occurred is a truly unique experience that can’t be recreated by simply reading about their history.  During your tour, find out how Salem became the center for all haunted happenings. The phenomenon is partially explained by Salem’s rich history and the fact that many of its oldest structures and sites are preserved today, including the famed Witch House. 

Salem’s commitment to preserving this history has made it a perfect spot for spirits to linger and for visitors to experience a connection with the past.

The tour is often conducted in small groups, creating a more intimate and interactive experience. This allows for better engagement with the guide and fellow participants, as well as the opportunity to ask questions and share your own experiences or thoughts.


Salem History

Salem is a historically significant city located in Massachusetts, USA. It is best known for the infamous Salem Witch Trials of 1692, but the city's history stretches far beyond this tragic event.

Salem was founded in 1626 by a group of English Puritans led by Roger Conant. Initially, it was part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Due to its natural harbor and advantageous location, Salem quickly became a major port and center of maritime trade in the 17th and 18th centuries. The city's economy flourished through shipbuilding, fishing, and the export of goods like codfish, timber, and rum.

In 1692, Salem experienced a dark chapter in its history known as the Salem Witch Trials. A series of trials and executions occurred as a result of mass hysteria and fear of witchcraft. Twenty people, mostly women, were executed after being accused of practicing witchcraft. The trials remain a significant event in American history, serving as a cautionary tale of the dangers of religious extremism and injustice.

In addition to its historical significance, Salem has become famous as the "Haunted Happenings" capital and a popular destination during the Halloween season. Tourists flock to Salem to experience its spooky atmosphere, haunted history, and various Halloween-themed events and festivities.

Salem's history is rich and complex, with a mix of triumphs, tragedies, and cultural influences that have shaped the city's identity. Today, Salem remains a vibrant community, embracing its past while celebrating its modern cultural diversity and significance as a historical and tourist destination.


This Ghosts, Witches, & Warlocks Guided Walking Tour offers a unique blend of ghostly tales and historical insight, allowing you to delve into the haunted and intriguing aspects of Salem's past. It's an engaging and memorable experience for those interested in the supernatural, history, or simply looking for a spine-tingling adventure in the heart of Salem. 

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