Dog Bark Park

Idaho, United States

Bed & Breakfast beagle-shaped guesthouse in Cottonwood

Dog Bark Park Inn is a bed & breakfast beagle-shaped guesthouse in Cottonwood, a city in Idaho County in US. One of the most fun and unusual places to stay because of its particular shape.

If you're a dog lover you won't want to miss this opportunity and spend a night inside this unique accommodation.

Dog Bark Park Inn  was designed by Dennis J. Sullivan & Frances Conklin, the owners, as the World's Biggest Beagle the bed and breakfast inn.

This hotel is a two-bedroom B&B: “Sweet Billy” (the big Beagle room) and “Toby” (the small one). Both rooms were designed to provide maximum comfort, featuring dog-themed contents, the only difference between them is the size.