Dihan Evasion

Morbihan, France

A unique and unusual accommodation in a natural setting.

Located in Kerganiet (France), just 7km from Auray and the historic port of St-Goustan, Chambre d'hôte et Hébergements insolites offers a range of unique and unusual accommodation in a natural setting.

Guests can choose traditional rooms and chalets or opt for a more adventurous stay in Tree House, a Wooden Caravan, a Scandinavian Chalet, a Mongolian Yurt or Bubble Tents.

Have you ever wanted to sleep in the trees in a perched tree top house?

Sleep among the treetops in Dihan, really unusual accommodations catering for all tastes and budgets. A natural break and cosy getaway, where you are free to explore the Morbihan, Carnac’s beaches and standing stones, the beautiful Quiberon coastline, and the Gulf of Morbihan.

These treehouses are integrated in the landscape in order to respect the environment. Each Treehouse is a quality guest room, and a unique place to stay with its own personality and decor, where guests can taste the simplicity of a unique holiday cottage by candlelight, and enjoy the good life after a dinner under the stars of a trip to the Spa.

For a romantic weekend, a unique break or a longer romantic getaway, family holidays, or an original green weekend with friends: enjoy the adventure together!

In Dihan you can make the dream of sleeping in a treehouse come true, but with comfort and romanticism!


A romantic and unusual night in the Lov’Nest

A hanging cocoon for a unique night among the treetops, an unusual holiday or romantic weekend.

This unusual accommodation is a round wooden spherical cabin on the treetop, dedicated to romanticism. A large round bed of 2m of diameter, a pure white universe inside, portholes opened on the nature and a zenithal opening on the stars: a cocoon for a very special night.

An atypical place to stay, unique in Brittany and all of western France, The Lov’Nest forms a harmonious part of the Dihan woodland, and you may well wonder to which fantastic tree this otherworldly seed comes from….

Ideal place for a romantic weekend, unusual present for an unforgettable stay, Dihan’s treehouses are waiting for you, in the middle of nature.

The perfect accommodation for lovers!


Bubble tents holidays

Transparent bubble tents suspended 1.5m from the ground among the Morbihan’s maritime pines, between Carnac, Quiberon, and the Gulf of Morbihan.

These Bubble Tents allow guests to fully soak in the surroundings and enjoy a unique holiday under the stars.

This unique place to stay is easily accessible for nature lovers. The Dihan Camp lies at the heart of the forest, with around 15m separating the tents.

The pleasure of  glamping in a transparent tent in a tree!


Stay in a Mongolian Yurt

A romantic glamping weekend? A family holiday? Let be seduced by the blissfulness of this nomadic home, round and full of symbols.

A little piece of Mongolia in Brittany, travel to the ends of the Earth in the Morbihan, an idea for unique holidays or outdoors holidays between Carnac and Quiberon awaits with a relaxing Spa and fun outdoor activities.

Scandinavian chalet holidays

Spend the night in this hexagonal chalet, made from natural wood and half-logs, hails from Finland where the forests are particularly well managed, and is a traditional shelter. Indeed, different forms of this fishing or hunting cabin (some resembling a tepee) were used in Lapland for over a century.

Sleep like a Gypsy

Dihan’s caravan is born of the love between a man from Brittany and a woman from Romania (it’s true: wherever you go you’ll always find a Breton!), and their shared love for wood. This verdine (horse drawn carriage used by nomadic bohemians) has travelled to the Morbihan where it is an ideal destination for glamping in France, not far from the waves of the Atlantic ocean.