Crazy House

Thai Nguyen, Vietnam

One of the most strange buildings in the world!

Hằng Nga guesthouse in Vietnam, popularly known as the “Crazy House”, is well-known for its unique and unconventional design.

Described as a “fairy tale house”, the building’s overall design resembles a giant tree, incorporating sculptured design elements representing natural forms such as animals, mushrooms, spider webs and caves. Its architecture, comprising complex, organic, non-rectilinear shapes, has been described as expressionist.

This weird hotel was designed and constructed by Vietnamese architect Dang Viet Nga, who has acknowledged the inspiration of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, and visitors have variously drawn parallels between it and the works of artists such as Salvador Dalí and Walt Disney. Rather than using standard architectural plans as blueprints, used hand drawings, and hires non-professional local artisans to build this expressionist hotel.

When you enter Crazy House, you will instantly feel a cool, fresh air as if you were in a forest. Visiting Crazy House is taking a journey in giant tree trunks with the small winding paths. The tree trunks are connected by the tree branches. You won’t know where these branches may lead. They can take you closer to the sky – the top of Crazy House or they can take you to the ocean – a room with 3D painting of sea creatures.

Not only can you visit it - you can also sleep in it! Crazy House is also a hotel with some guest rooms for those who want to live closer to the nature. The guesthouse has ten rooms, individually themed and decorated, each one having an animal as its theme, examples include the tiger room, the eagle room, the ant room and the kangaroo room, each with decorations matching the theme.

Each room is fitted with a seating area, a wardrobe and heating facilities. There is also an en suite bathroom with a shower facility and a toilet. Some rooms enjoy garden views.

Stairways and hallways inside the building are designed to resemble tunnels and caves.

A unique experience you can't miss!