Huilo Huilo Canopy Village

Los Ríos, Chile

Imagine sleeping in the branches of a tree and waking up to the sounds of the wind whispering through the leaves and the songs of the forest beings. The days pass by full of nature and life in these cozy tree shelters located on beautiful grassland.

Located inside an ecological reserve, Huilo Huilo Canopy Village offers forest lodge accommodation. Outdoor activities around the reserve such as horse riding and hiking can be arranged.

The bungalows are equipped with a camp bed and one blanket per person, so guests must bring their own sleeping bags. There’s also a common kitchen and dining area as well as free parking area.

Huilo Huilo Canopy Village is one of the accommodations in The Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, a unique project because of its commitment to the conservation of nature and local culture.

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