BaseCamp Bonn

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

BaseCamp Bonn is a unique accommodation concept located in Bonn, Germany. It offers an unconventional and fun lodging experience that combines elements of camping, hostels, and retro caravans.

Located inside a former storage facility, BaseCamp Young Hostel is the only indoor vintage faux camping ground in the galaxy. 

The concept of BaseCamp Bonn revolves around providing guests with various themed accommodations, including 13 vintage caravans, 4 American Airstreams trailers, 2 Volkswagen campervans, 2 night trains,  a Trabant, a ski gondola and other oddities. These accommodations are creatively designed and furnished to give guests a nostalgic and adventurous atmosphere.

BaseCamp Bonn's compact train carriage rooms are equipped with bunk beds and a washbasin. Carriage rooms, original American Airstreams and mobile homes all have access to shared bathroom facilities.

Who hasn't always wanted to spend a night in a retro caravan designed by an experienced film set designer? The caravans were outfitted by acclaimed German television and film set designer Marion Seul. Each of them has a different theme, from flower power to space shuttle, and together they incorporate furnished front lawns, curious trinkets and historic props. Perfectly suited for travellers, backpackers and groups that have a taste for adventure.

Beside the individually themed caravans you can choose your favourite also from a Trabant, VW Bullis, Airstreams or if those are not to your taste, how about a Swiss ski gondola instead?

For those train lovers, they can also choose to stay in a real night sleeper. The ultimate opportunity for a sleeping experience like on the Trans-Siberian Railway, but without any annoying rattling and shaking. Please board the train and stand back from the doors, it will be departing shortly! The two trains have 28 individual sleeping compartments and can accommodate up to 70 people.

The site features a central area called the BaseCamp Lounge, which serves as a communal space for guests. It includes a bar, café, and seating areas where visitors can relax, socialize, and enjoy refreshments. There is also an outdoor area with picnic tables and barbecue facilities, perfect for gatherings or enjoying the outdoors.

BaseCamp Bonn offers a range of amenities, including shared bathroom facilities, Wi-Fi access, and a self-service kitchen for guests to prepare their meals. Additionally, the site provides various recreational activities such as table tennis, board games, and a small cinema room.

BaseCamp Young Hostel is a place so unique that it's difficult to put into words, you just need to see it for yourself!!

Whether you are looking for a unique accommodation experience, planning a budget-friendly stay, or simply seeking a fun and memorable atmosphere, BaseCamp Bonn provides a distinct and adventurous option for travellers visiting Bonn.