Axe Throwing Experience with Barbecue & Beer in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Not a typical everyday activity, which makes it unique and intriguing.

Try axe throwing and fling shurikens at targets! Get your friends together and head to the firing range as you enjoy a barbecue with a round of beers.

Axe throwing is an exciting and increasingly popular activity that allows participants to try their hand at hurling axes at wooden targets. It's a fun and challenging activity that combines skill, focus, and a bit of friendly competition.


This Axe Throwing Experience with Barbecue and Beer is a great stress free outdoor activity for a group of friends, company event or a bachelor party.  Whether you're a complete beginner or have some experience, axe throwing promises a memorable and enjoyable time for all participants.

Axe-throwing venues often have a lively and social atmosphere, making it a great activity for group outings, team-building events, or casual get-togethers.

Enjoy convenient hotel pickup from your accommodation by a private bus with English speaking driver who will bring you to an outdoor venue in a lovely outskirt of Prague, Czech Republic. The journey takes about 30-40minutes one way (depending on the traffic). You will enjoy the unique and charming beauty that is often overshadowed by the city's more well-known historic center. 

After you arrive in the venue you will meet your private instructor who will serve you a welcome round of beers and introduce you safety rules and the fun will begin. Safety is of utmost importance in this activity, and the briefing will cover proper techniques for throwing, retrieving axes, and general rules to ensure a safe environment.

Experienced instructors will be present to guide participants in mastering the proper axe-throwing technique. They will demonstrate how to stand, grip the axe, and execute the throw to achieve the best results.

All the necessary equipment for this activity, including specially designed throwing axes and wooden targets will be provided. It is highly recommended to take some casual sport clothes. 

You will have 2 targets to hit the "Bull's Eye" with sharp axes, knives and ninja stars to be able to compete with your friends. The game lasts up to 1 hour. While axe throwing may seem daunting at first, it is a beginner-friendly activity. The instructors are there to help and support participants of all skill levels, making it an enjoyable experience for everyone. Remember that safety is a top priority during axe throwing, so it's essential to follow all the instructions provided by the instructors.

In the meantime, there will be prepared fire, equipment, sauce and pastries, bread and choice from chicken breast, marinated neck and sausages (400 gram portion of meat per person). You will be grilling the meat by yourself and get another round of beers on the house! 

Note: In case of bad weather you will play axe throwing and do the grilling under a large tent. 

After 2 hours you will be collected again by a private bus with your driver who will bring you back to the city centre or your accommodation address in Prague.


Axe throwing provides a unique and exhilarating experience that can be a great way to bond with friends, challenge yourself, and unleash your inner lumberjack.