Arte Luise Kunsthotel

Arte Luise Kunsthotel

Luisenstraße 19, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Unique Hotel with stylish rooms designed by renowned artists in Berlin, the perfect accommodation for Art Lovers!

This unique hotel is located in the heart of Berlin, Germany, one of the most exciting areas in the city center.

Opened in 1995 as an authentic Berlin artist' project, Arte Luise Kunsthotel has developed into a comfortable hotel offering stylish rooms designed by renowned artists.

Guests can choose from a total of 50 rooms housed in a carefully restored, neoclassical building dating from 1825 and a new extension with eye-catching architecture from 2003.

Each individually room at Arte Luise Kunsthotel includes modern, artistic décor and features its own original concept. Over 50 artists have realized concepts specially designed for individual rooms of the hotel, creating places of retreat that set the mood for a visit to the museums or galleries in the art city of Berlin but that also offer guests a source of inspiration or quiet reflection.

Guests walking into a room at the hotel "Arte Luise Kunsthotel" find themselves within a work of art. Each room is unique, an artistic proposition, a museum, a gallery, an artwork and a place to inhabit. No two rooms in the hotel are alike. The only thing that the rooms share is the high quality of the concepts behind each hotel room. This hotel has been described as “a gallery where you can spend a night” or “a museum for a night”.

Even upon arrival guests are greeted by sculptures and installations in the lobby. En route to a room in the historical building, guests pass through a sequence of philosophical passages on the walls of the stairwell. The entire building is dedicated to art. Even the smoker’s lounge has an artistic accent.

A hotel as unique as the city of Berlin!


  • Neoclassical building
  • Smoker’s lounge

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