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Explore our directory and discover the perfect idea for your next holiday!

Whether you are looking for a weekend trip, or you're planning your dream trip around the world, we're sure you will find some interesting and fantastic ideas.

Unusual & Unique Places to Stay Around the World

A Night to Remember

Have you ever wanted to spend the night in an Igloo or an Ice Hotel or go glamping in a Bubble Dome? Maybe even lock yourself for a night in a Prison? Find the perfect accommodation for your next trip!

World's Most Unusual Restaurants & Cafés

A Different Dining Experience

Looking for a unique restaurant for a different dining experience? Enjoy a meal at some of the best undersea restaurants or an incredible dinner in the sky. Sure you will find a restaurant that piques your interests!

Exciting, Quirky & Unusual Things to Do

A Truly Experience

Explore something different and try one of these exciting ideas. From rolling down a hill in a giant plastic ball to embarking on an adventure in a hot air balloon flight. Start planning your next adventure!