Escape Game Tour in a Prison in San Fernando

Escape Game Tour in a Prison in San Fernando

Las Palmas, Spain

An incredible live escape game in Las Palmas. Have fun while testing your intelligence solving your mission successfully.

An incredible live escape game which you can have fun with alongside your group of friends while testing your intelligence and your patience and solving your mission successfully.

If you're seeking a family-friendly way to escape the daytime heat of Maspalomas then look no further than this prison-themed escape game in San Fernando.

In a small group limited to five people, you'll crack clues and solve puzzles that eventually lead to your release from a jail cell. This game is about breaking free in a prison placed in San Fernando. You and your friends will have 60 minutes to enter the room and figure the mission out in order to escape before the time is out and you get all arrested.

This particular game is designed for those with experience (not much necessary) on this kind of live escape experiences. Work as a team and implement your patience and intelligence to complete this fun-filled 1-hour mission, the perfect way to break up time on beach.

  • Escape the midday sun and break up time on the beach with an escape game
  • Work together to crack clues in a small group limited to five people
  • It's all about team work in order to escape or you won’t succeed
  • A fun and family-friendly escape room with a prison theme
  • This game will test your patience and your intelligence