Kolarbyn Eco-Lodge

Vastmanlands Lan, Suecia

Kolarbyn Ecolodge, also called Sweden’s most primitive hotel, is located in the forest of Skinnskatteberg, 1 km from the Skärsjön Beach, Sweden.

As you arrive at Kolarbyn you will be surrounded by trees. This is the Skinnskatteberg forest and everything is green… But looking closer you’ll find these camouflaged little cabins covered by mud and grass, with mushrooms and bilberries growing wild on their roofs.

Kolarbyn Ecolodge is not actually a hotel but a collection of twelve charcoal huts in the middle of the forest. Each forest hut has two wooden beds with inflatable mattress and sheepskin rugs. One of the huts is bigger than the others and you can stay 6 adults in it. All the huts have a fireplace and you chop your own wood.

These huts are comfy enough but not as nice as being in your own bed. Just enjoy the silence, wilderness and exciting forest experiences… Fall asleep in front of the crackling fireplace and wake up to beautiful birdsong.

At Kolarbyn Ecolodge there will be no electricity, no showers, nothing fancy at all, just natural mysteriousness. And that is precisely why you are going to love this place.

Instead of electricity you can use heat and candle (100% stearin). Each chimney has a wood burning stove for heating. Drinking water is available in their clear spring in the forest. There is a compost toilet, paper, water and soap. There are no showers but you can take a dip in the Skärsjön lake. There’s also some barbecue areas where you can cook.

One of the favorites in Kolarbyn is the floating sauna that you can rent privately or just share with other guests.

The area offers excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation, including hiking, walking tours, horse riding, canoeing, fishing… A rowboat and some canoes are available for rent.

Visiting Kolarbyn is an unforgettable experience!