Hotel Faralda Crane

Holanda, Países Bajos, Holanda

Faralda Crane Hotel is a mind-blowing and a once in a lifetime experience. Don’t expect a mainstream hotel. It’s a crane, a monumental 50-meter-high harbor crane. It’s excessive! Either you love it or you hate it.

After 10 years of restoration, Faralda Crane Hotel has achieved a unique and award-winning icon with outstanding architectural vision


Make your dreams come true! Sleep in one of the three extravagantly designed 5-star suites on top of the highest monumental harbor crane: Free Spirit, Secret, and Mystique.

A small panorama elevator stops right into your suite. Every suite is spacious and even has two levels. The living and separate sleeping areas are beautifully decorated and equipped with all necessary amenities. Situated behind a characteristic sliding glass panel is the separated bathroom with a rain shower and toilet. The walls in the shower are decorated with antique parts of an ocean cruiser. A staircase leads to your sleeping area with a King size bed and bathtub surrounded with paintings and design elements. All suites have air-conditioning, free WIFI, 2 plasma television screens (bedroom & living). They don’t work, but who cares? 

The heated outdoor jacuzzi is situated on the top deck. The views from here are spectacular and a once in a life-time experience. Faralda Crane Hotel is one of the most Romantic & Inspiring places to stay in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Right in front of the crane, boats are sailing on the always busy river IJ. From the heated and private spa pool on the top deck you enjoy the most romantic sun set. The view from your suites is regularly different because the crane is still running in the wind.


Faralda Crane Hotel guests are free spirits, creative and open-minded people: Artists, models, famous DJ’s, CEO's and even Royals. Because of its huge structure and height, a stay in the crane remains completely incognito.

Needless to say, Faralda isn't just for anyone. Guests demand privacy. You have complete privacy because access to the crane is Private & for Invites only. The crane is optimally secured with a professional system and discretion is guaranteed. 


The former shipyard is a lively area with numerous trendy restaurants and cafés. Just 150 meters from the crane you can find the largest graffiti museum in the world. 

The Faralda Club is also a famous institute for Corporate & Music events. World leading DJ’s play during premium live stream Crane sessions.


As they say: “We are not cheap. But a memory will last forever”

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