Blog Summer 2022: Unusual and Unique places to stay

Summer 2022: Unusual and Unique places to stay

Summer 2022: Unusual and Unique places to stay

Although it might not seem like it, summer is not that far away. Get inspired and start planning your perfect summer adventure today!

Looking for accommodation for your next holiday or simply an overnight stopover? How about staying in a treehouse hotel? Or spending the night in one of the highest hotel rooms in the world? Or maybe Glamping is your thing?

Head off the typical tourist trail and discover the most unusual places to stay around the world.

Ready to try something different?


Treehouse Hotel

Dihan Evasion, France

Divan Evasion, France

A childhood fantasy brought alive! Discover some of the most spectacular treehouse experiences around the world. Experience an ultimate outdoor adventure with friends and family.

Imagine sleeping in the branches of a tree in Canopy Village in Chile, waking up to the sounds of the wind whispering through the leaves and the songs of the forest beings .

Spend the night in a giant Bird's Nest in Sweden, camouflaged among the trees of Harads’s forest.

Sleep in the Crazy House in Vietnam, a spooky “fairy tale" treehouse inspired by artists like Gaudí, Salvador Dalí or Walt Disney.

Come and share in the magic of being part of a real life fairy tale in Montaña Mágica Lodge in Chile.

Here are a few more Treehouse Hotels you may want to check out for your next trip.



Bubble Lodge Ile aux Cerfs, Mauritius

Bubble Dôme Village of Saint Joseph, Reunion Island

Fancy getting back in touch with nature? Glamorous camping, or Glamping, makes your outdoor experience totally luxurious.

A new trend which combines traditional camping as well as the assurance of a high level of comfort. Get outside and enjoy the great outdoors forgetting about the hassle of conventional camping.

Spend the night in a geodesic dome at the Bubble Dôme Village at Petite-Île or Bubble Dôme Village of Saint Joseph in Reunion Island. Geodesic domes with maximum comfort.

Stay in a cozy little gypsy caravan in France in La Gypsy Caravan. Enjoy a bohemian relaxing holiday vibe surrounded by the wilderness.

Check out these Glamping ideas for your next trip!


A Prison Experience

Karosta Prison, Latvia

Karosta Prison, Latvia

Lock yourself in a cell for a truly memorable and quirky experience! Highly recommend for those looking for a totally different holiday experience.

Prison is usually a place you’d prefer to avoid, but sure you’d like lock yourself in Karosta Prison in Latvia to know what it feels like to live behind bars.

Sentence yourself to a night in the cells at Alcatraz Hotel am Japanischen Garten, a converted German prison. This fascinating new hotel offers both cell-style and conventional rooms.


Experience in the Sky

The Grand Hyatt Shanghai, China

The Grand Hyatt Shanghai, China

Discover the most amazing and incredible experiences at height. Sleep in one of the highest hotel rooms in the world and enjoy the most spectacular views.

Occupying levels 34-52, the Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London offers 5-star luxury and breathtaking views of the capital and beyond.

The Grand Hyatt Shanghai is an iconic luxury 5-star hotel located in the Pudong area of Shanghai. This hotel occupies the 53rd to 87th floors of the 88-story Jin Mao Tower.


Have a peek at our Experiences in the Sky and get inspired!

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